Emergency Sleeping Bag
Emergency Sleeping Bag
Emergency Sleeping Bag
Emergency Sleeping Bag
Emergency Sleeping Bag

Emergency Sleeping Bag

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Don't Get Caught Without One!

Why Survival & Military Experts Recommend This:

  • Stay Safe In An Emergency!
  • Camping, Hiking, Climbing, Fishing, or just going for a drive this could save your life!
  • Lightweight, Waterproof, Easy To Carry
  • High-Quality PE Material
  • Stay safe this winter! 

If you are not sure about the duration of your next trip, you should pack this bag just in case. It is lightweight, easy to carry and warms your entire body. Suitable for sleeping outside or even in your car.

Get Yours Now Before We Sell Out & The Sale Ends!!

Thanks to the high-quality PE materials, the heat your body emits will come right back to you and keep you warm during the night, even if you are sleeping under the stars.

The bag comes in one size, shaped like an envelope and anyone can easily fit inside. We have had customers as large as 6'3 350lbs fit! So if you're wondering "Am I too big for this?" You have nothing to worry about. Especially since if you don't fit you can simply regift it to a family member. You never know when this could come in handy! With the bright orange color, in case of emergencies, people will be able to easily spot you.


Get Yours Before The Sale Ends!! Limited Quantity Available! 

For just $35.99 this amazing Emergency Sleeping Bag can be yours! Is your life or the life of your family member worth that? We believe so...why chance it?


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